Domestic service: with conditions of commissioning available, the company will send its service engineers over to assist in the commissioning. For product quality problems verified to be within quality warranty period (not caused by abnormal operation or other factors), the company will provide free of charge the spare parts, on-board service, maintenance and part replacing when the vessel is in PRC; or in case the vessel is not in PRC, the company will provide free of charge the relevant spare part and deliver it to the company address the user has within PRC.

Benz Technology International. Inc.
is an Agent of Jiangsu Grand Drying & Concentrating Equipment Co.Ltd. in the USA and Canadian Markets.

Together we will cast our glory.
With their years'efforts
Led by science and technology,
Grand people have laid down rhe develop tend of the industry.
With fiery ardor and ocean-deep affection,
Grand takes on his shoulder the responsibility of maximizing your return of investment.
General introduction

LJ single screw extrusion drier

Ls single screw extrusion drier is suitably used for dehydration of wet materrial with the high moisture in the starch and fodder ndustries etc.lts structure is a conical shell with the built-in taper screw pitch and height formed during the rotation.the dewetted material is ejected from the discharging end,the extruded water flows through the sieve pores in is characterized by abig compression ratio,good dewetting effect,low moisture of output material and smooth operation without is suitable for the continuous production.

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